About Vicsearch Info

Within 10 years the Internet has established itself as a prominent market place for products and services that satisfy the key requirements of the Internet business model. Many regional businesses meet all of the requirements to reap the benefits like Real Estate Agents, Motels, Tour operators and a wide variety of small business but most find it difficult to get enough online exposure to generate a reasonable return on the investment in a website.

The key to a successful website is content with links to/from other high ranking websites, but not all content is good and some linking arrangements are bad. Search engines see the links on your site as content so they must point to sites that have topics related to your core business or the products sold. Placing a link to bookstore is no benefit on a site that sells electronic equipment but a link to a site that reviews electronic products would be an asset. Reciprocal links do little for a sites search ranking because the links negate each other, it is quite obvious to a search engine that the reciprocal links have been swapped. Maintaining reciprocal links and checking others have linked back to you is a tedious task.

Adding an entry for your website to Vicsearch Info will deliver ongoing benefits, as well as direct hits from Vicsearch Info and other associated directories. You do not link your website back to the Vicsearch Info so it is a 1 way link that will improve your search engine ranking. In return all we ask for is an ongoing commitment from users to keep their entries up to date. The software used by Vicsearch Info can be purchased to create your own customisable directory from Coweb.biz Solutions.

Objectives of Vicsearch Info
  1. Develop a system to provide benefits for all businesses.
  2. Affordable access to Internet Technologies tailored for rural businesses.
  3. Lift the profile of Victorian business and create new opportunities in Global Markets.
  4. Improve the efficiency of rural business using technology.
  5. Generate substantial returns on technology investments.
  6. Provide a hassle free system that satisfies user requirements.
  7. Avoid using obtrusive marketing techniques like mailing lists.
  8. Develop better methods to efficiently deliver customer service.
  9. Deliver information to end users in a clear, concise, accurate and efficient manner.

Vicsearch Info delivers a comprehensive directory of links approved by an administrator to ensure the integrity of the site content. We do not allow links to adult content, scams or schemes to be added to the directory entries. The categories we cover reflect the family orientation of the Vicsearch Info.

Submitting your website to Vicsearch Info is easy.

  1. Start - by registering online to open a Vicsearch Info account.
  2. Login - to your account immediately after registration.
  3. Submit - your website/s details for administrator's approval.
  4. Acceptance - is confirmed by email with details of your entry.

Editing your entry at anytime is simple.

  1. Login - to your account at anytime after registration.
  2. Edit - your website/s and submit for administrator's approval.
  3. Acceptance - is confirmed by email with details of your entry.
Go to the User Registration page to get started.