Searching with Vicsearch Info

Vicsearch Info uses full text natural language Boolean search to query the database and locate exactly what you are looking for. Search results are sorted by their relevance to the search term.

  • Perform a simple search to locate entries that contain any of the words in the search term.

  • Use the Boolean function to exclude words preceded by '-' from the search term.

  • Place brackets '()' around sub-expressions to give them higher precedence in the search.

  • A phrase enclosed in double quotes will only match rows that contain the complete phrase.

  • For more details on Boolean search please visit the Help Page

You can now find exactly what you need without sifting through the thousands of irrelevant results to find websites like you do with the major search engines. It is always possible to use advanced searches to refine search results but Vicsearch Info makes it un-necessary because the entries are added by humans who check that the sites content is relevant for the category selected and ensure it is suitable for families.

No doubt the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN perform very well crawling the Internet to locate web sites to be include in the search results provided for users but they are limited by the scale of operation required to provide a Global service. Vicsearch Info bridges the gap delivering search results that have been selected as the most appropriate resources for the needs of rural Australian Internet users.

Vicsearch Info Search database is growing with new entries being added every week and the flow of traffic to the site is rising steadily. To compile a complete set of records covering all the best Internet resources for Victoria is a huge task that will never be totally complete.

Submitting your website to Vicsearch Info is easy.

  1. Start - by registering online to open a Vicsearch Info account.
  2. Login - to your account immediately after registration.
  3. Submit - your website/s details for administrator's approval.
  4. Acceptance - is confirmed by email with details of your entry.

Editing your entry at anytime is simple.

  1. Login - to your account at anytime after registration.
  2. Edit - your website/s and submit for administrator's approval.
  3. Acceptance - is confirmed by email with details of your entry.
Go to the User Registration page to get started.