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Kings Canyon - Site ID: 730
No matter how many images you have seen, visiting Kings Canyon itself will take your breath away, a sheer sandstone cliff face soaring high above the incredible cycad gardens just one of the many spectacular views of the mighty chasm that cleaves the earth to a depth of 270 metres. This national park is a conservation of rock holes and gorges that provide refuge for over 600 species of plants and many native animals.
Desert Park - Site ID: 731
A must see for every visitor to Alice! In the space of just a few hours, you can discover many of the secrets of the Central Australian deserts at the Desert Park. Hundreds of species of plants and animals found across Central Australian deserts can be seen, smelt and heard.
Exploring Central Australia - Site ID: 732
The Red Centre is one of those quintessential Australian places that has to be experienced to be appreciated. The Outback is renowned for its wide open spaces, natural landscapes and vibrant colours. To truly enjoy “The Outback” their can be no better way than to get off the beaten track in a luxury expedition vehicle and enjoy a more intimate and judicious exploration of the region’s landscapes, its people and its cultures.
Alice Springs - Site ID: 733
Alice Springs, isn’t that one of those names that runs away with your imagination? As was to be expected, the town is not called after young sparkling Alice jumping in the air. However, it is called after an Alice, Alice Todd, the wife of Charles Todd.
Alice Springs - Site ID: 734
Alice Springs It's Australia's Oasis, the capital of the Outback and the most romantic country town in the world. It's where the Arrernte Aboriginal tribal group have lived for 20,000 years and where pioneer men and women gave "tough" a new meaning. It's where they race camels, hold hilarious holiday regattas in dry river beds and where Peter Finch finally caught up with Virginia McKenna in the 1956 film classic "A Town Like Alice".
The Alice Directory - Site ID: 735
There's nothing like The Alice. We continue to get plenty of rain and it's time to see Alice Springs while she's green. The carpet of green is now covered in the colours of the rainbow as the wildflowers bloom.