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Uluru - Site ID: 703
We the traditional owners, value the park as a place that honours the culture of our people, preserves the fragile ecology of the land of our ancestors and upholds Tjukurpa - the Pitjantjatjara word for our history, knowledge, religion, morality and law. Please enjoy this World Heritage Area and open your minds and hearts to learn about our land, beliefs and culture.
Ayers Rock - Site ID: 736
For many Outback travellers in front of Ayers Rock is the most anticipated moment of their Australia holiday. Ok, for some standing on top of Uluru is the ultimate dream, a "must do before I die" thing either way, nearly every tourist wants to visit Uluru while in Australia.
Ayers Rock Resort - Site ID: 737
Regardless of where you stay while you're at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, from the sanctuary of one of the five hotels, or the intimacy of Voyages Ayers Rock Resort Campground, you can experience the beauty of the living cultural landscape of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, in Australia's Northern Territory.
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - Site ID: 738
The famous "Rock" stands348 metres high and, like an iceberg, has most of its bulk below the surface. It is located 440 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Forty kilometres to the west of Uluru/Ayers Rock is Kata Tjuta, also known as The Olgas. This massive pile of rock domes dates back 500 million years.
Wayoutback Tours - Site ID: 739
Wayoutback is an Advanced Eco Accredited 4WD adventure tour specialist operating in Central Australia since 1999. Our mission is and has always been to give our customers an opportunity to not just visit the Red Centre, but to really experience the desert. This is something that can only be achieved in small groups, along with a number of other factors listed below that combine so you begin to feel part of the desert, its massive expanse and the timelessness it engenders.
The Rock Tour - Site ID: 740
The Rock Tour is the first choice for budget conscious travelers and International Backpackers visiting Alice Springs.The Rock Tour Departs Daily from Alice Springsand it gives the traveler a quality tour and experience of the Red Centre at an affordable price.
The Wildway - Site ID: 741
Going to the 'Rock' on a budget doesn't mean you have to completely abandon quality. There are a few fundamental things that can make or break what should be your adventure of a lifetime. For a start the Guides need to be on the ball, know what they're talking about and be fun. All the equipment needs to be up to scratch so the wheels don't fall off and the trip isn't punctuated with breakages. You want good campsites and quality food so you can concentrate on what's around you rather than being buggered the whole time with a pit in your stomach.