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Charters Towers Council represents a predominantly rural area covering about 70,000 square kilometres (equivalent to the size of the State of Tasmania). The Council is located in the coastal hinterland of North Queensland stretching north to Ingham and south to Bowen and is centre on the historical gold city of Charters Towers. Charters Towers is 136km, or an easy 90 minute drive, south west of Townsville North Queensland.
About Charters Towers - Site ID: 763
In the Gold Rush Days, Charters Towers was the second largest centre in Queensland. Hosting over 60 hotels and a Stock Exchange, it was a bustling mining town with interests also in sheep and cattle. An Aboriginal boy started it all when he picked up a nugget in 1871. History abounds in this town with a great deal of the architecture, built in those heady days, still standing as a proud reminder of the past.
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Charters Towers is an interesting historical and modern mining town only 130km inland from Townsville in north Queensland. The scenery really changes as you leave behind the coast and arrive in this little hot country town with some fascinating history, great buildings, museums and old mining batteries. Here is some information for a holiday in Charters Towers Australia, and in the end of the page is a Charters Towers map.
Precious Metal - Site ID: 765
The precious metal was first discovered in Charters Towers in 1872 by Aboriginal horse boy Jupiter, and his find attracted thousands in search of their fortune. Charters Towers was once dubbed 'The World' because it was thought that everything the world had to offer was available in Charters Towers and people flocked to the city from across the globe.
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Charters Towers Tourist Park is a lovely quiet, shady, clean and green park with one of the main features being the wide variety of native birds found here. Over the years there has been an ongoing program of planting native trees and shrubs which has increased the varieties of birds which provide hours of enjoyment for those interested in bird watching and everyone may enjoy the various delightful calls heard from our feathered friends throughout the Park. Birds in their natural environment are such a pleasure to listen to and are very relaxing is such a quiet environment.
Charters Towers History - Site ID: 767
The inland town of Charters Towers is 90 minutes drive south west of Townsville. Charters Towers was once the second largest city in Queensland and it was originally founded on the discovery of large gold deposits in the area.