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Australian Marsupial Society - Site ID: 197
Established in 1981, this well-respected Society continues, through this web site, to promote public awareness and be a major source of information and education to the world on matters relating to the Keeping and Breeding of Australian Marsupials in captivity.
Wildlife and Game - Site ID: 202
Tasmania has many species which have become, or are on the verge of extinction, on mainland Australia. Having fewer introduced predators and the relatively large amount of intact habitat on the island.
BIRD - Site ID: 236
BIRD provides news and information about biodiversity and is open to anyone with an interest in preserving and restoring our natural environment.
Australian Animals - Site ID: 261
It's not just kangaroos. Find out for yourself here you will find links to years of study material on the land down under.
Dinosaurs - Site ID: 288
On this site you will find information on over 50 dinosaurs. Each presented in easy to read language and accompanied by clear illustrations.
RSPCA - Site ID: 559
The RSPCA is a non-government community based animal welfare charity. The organisation was created by the community and driven by strong local support. Without public backing the RSPCA would cease to function and without the services of the RSPCA the future for thousands of animals would look very bleak indeed.