Vicsearch Info Policies


Vicsearch Info is published on the Internet freely for the use of the general public. The administrator will only publish content that complies with our guidelines for suitable content. When content is added or edited by any third party it must be approved by an administrator before it is published online.

Complaint Process

This facility is provided free of charge for registered users and we appreciate feedback on the experience we deliver to users of the website. To provide feedback, suggest improvements, report errors or make a general enquiry please contact us by email or visit our weblog

Content Ownership

When submitting an entry to the Vicsearch Info the content remains the property of the entity submitting but Vicsearch Info reserves the right to update/edit/delete content submitted at the discretion of the administrator. This will always be performed in a manner that does not defame, detract from, offer a false or misleading impression of the owners original submission.

Loss of Content

When an entry or owner is deleted from the system the information cannot be retrieved and a new user registration or creation of a new entry will be necessary. Users who continually submit inappropriate content will be excluded but in the case of minor infringements and typo errors we will execute our right to edit the entry.

Entry Approval

User registration is an instant process and registered users can submit up to entries. All additions and updates must comply with the rules for suitable content to be approved by the administrator before the new or modified entry will be published. Edited entries may be excluded from Vicsearch Info for a short time until the changes are approved, please be certain to only make changes when required and that the changes are correct.

Loss of Password

To provide a totally secure system all passwords are stored using a non reversible encryption format. This ensures that even the administrator of the Vicsearch Info website or the server where it is hosted cannot retrieve your login details in the original format. If a password is lost Vicsearch Info will automatically assign a new password that is emailed to the user. Please ensure the registered email address is always current, both the password can be updated at anytime by logging into the control panel.


Access to the control panel is secured by an encrypted password to avert any possibility of hackers gaining access to users content. In such a case that security is breached passwords stored in the database cannot be decrypted for any malicious purpose and email addresses are the only content available that is not intended to be accessible freely to the public. Email addresses are not published, added to mailing lists or accessed by other parties to protect the privacy of registered users.

Rules of Use

By submitting an entry the owner agrees without exception that Vicsearch Info has full legal rights without any obligation implied or otherwise to publish the entry at Vicsearch Info or any other website operated by the owner of the Vicsearch Info. By nature of the service provided by Vicsearch Info it is also acknowledged that content published in the Vicsearch Info will be copied freely for use by other websites.

Reciprocal Links

Vicsearch Info is a link exchange with a different perspective on reciprocal linking to other sites and products. It is very obvious to a search engine when links are exchanged between 2 sites so reciprocal links are not unique or 1 way links. Our strategy was devised after researching the value of reciprocal linking systems over several years. Reciprocal linking strategy works better when 1 site has omitted the link back to the other website but this is only beneficial for 1 website. Link Manager allows you to submit to several websites at once and get a real boost in search engine placement, to learn more please visit Home Page.

Suitable Category

Vicsearch Info entries must contain content and links to websites that are related to the category they appear in. In some cases there may not be a suitable category and in such case adding a link is of no benefit to the submitter or the Vicsearch Info and the submission will not be published. In all cases the category may be changed by the administrator to comply with Vicsearch Info rules and objectives.

Suitable Content

All entries added or edited at the Vicsearch Info are screened by an administrator before they appear on the website pages. Entry content and the websites they link to must be family orientated, entries linking to porn, sex, drugs, viagra, scams and undesirable content will not be accepted. If your website is not related to the categories at Vicsearch Info please dont waste time submitting an entry.

User Registration

Anyone can register and enjoy the benefits of an indirect reciprocal linking arrangement with Just complete the online registration process, you only need to submit a valid email address with a password to gain instant access to the control panel. Login and you can add up to up to entries that will appear on websites that have content or a theme related to the category of your website. To learn more about the linking strategy please visit the home page.

Submitting your website to Vicsearch Info is easy.

  1. Start - by registering online to open a Vicsearch Info account.
  2. Login - to your account immediately after registration.
  3. Submit - your website/s details for administrator's approval.
  4. Acceptance - is confirmed by email with details of your entry.

Editing your entry at anytime is simple.

  1. Login - to your account at anytime after registration.
  2. Edit - your website/s and submit for administrator's approval.
  3. Acceptance - is confirmed by email with details of your entry.
Go to the User Registration page to get started.